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PDF: A Study on: “The Past Tenses of God’s Word” from the book “Christ The Healer” by F.F. Bosworth

This study is taken from my “Divine Healing Questions & Answers” Facebook page.  It appeared in several posts and is offered here as ONE DOCUMENT.  This is the book this particular chapter, “The Past Tenses Of God’s Word” appears in: If you need healing and are having difficulty in receiving, possibly the ‘tenses’ are where …

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Video: The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus…..

I like to call this verse, ‘The Granddaddy’ of all the healing verses. It is a simple contrast between the Law of Life and the law of sin and death. God enjoys keeping things simple for our understanding so He is always contrasting two things. Life/death; good/evil; heaven/hell; tribulation/peace, etc. This lesson covers both laws …

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Overcoming Sin By The Spirit That Quickens Romans 8:11

If you are a Christian you have the Spirit of Christ (the Holy Spirit) living within your mortal body. The Spirit indwells your mortal body through YOU the spirit living in that mortal body. In Romans 6, Paul speaks of your body as a mere instrument….not in control but yielded by your choice to righteousness. …

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Spiritual Medicine for Physical Healing #1

If you are having issues with sickness and disease, there is none of them outside the range of being affected by God’s Living Word. Eat…feed don’t just read. Follow the directions for taking given in Proverbs 3 and you will see the results. Faithfulness in taking is the key. This is Part 1 where I …

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“The Five Porches of Bethesda Sermon” by John Alexander Dowie

John Alexander Dowie, was a healing pioneer of the late 1800’s and mentor of John G. Lake.  Founder of Zion, Illinois who saw thousands healed under his ministry.  This document accompanies a Youtube video by the same title. Click to open a PDF doc of this entire sermon: The Five Porches of Bethseda Sermon by …

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Study Course #2: “Man, the Spirit”

This is the second in a three part study entitled: “God the Spirit”, “Man the Spirit”, “Satan the Spirit”. This course is intended to give the Scriptural model of man. A ‘model’ is a way of looking at yourself, the way you ‘view’ yourself, your ‘understanding’ about yourself. The Bible will give you a ‘pneumatological/spiritual …

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