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“Put on the New Man” – A deeper look at Ephesians 4:24

Here for your study pleasure is some manna for the spirit man. Your New Man wants to find out who he is! Click to open PDF file – 10 pages: THE NEW MAN STUDY Ephesians 4.24

Romans 8:2: “Defining the Law of Life in Christ Jesus”

Defining the ‘Law of Life in Christ Jesus” A Ruling Principle in the Life of the Believer Here are some truths that will make your spirit bold against sin; confident in your relationship with God; edifying to your faith; and change your outlook.  Read, enjoy and meditate until your mind is renewed with the knowledge …

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Lake Expounded from the Sermon: “The Habitation of God”

“Christ’s purpose for the world was that men, like Himself, should become the dwelling place of God.” John G. Lake Some thoughts to broaden your understanding of this statement. Click to open the PDF: Lake Interpreted The Habitation of God

Romans 8:2 “How Free Are We?” an outline for meditation

Romans 8:2:  ‘the granddaddy of the Scriptures pertaining to our freedom in Christ’! “For the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus HAS SET ME FREE from the Law of sin and death.” FREEDOM – FREEDOM – FREEDOM For freedom – from sin, sickness, spiritual death – did Christ set us free. The …

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“True circumcision is the rebirth of the human spirit…..

The revelation of ‘heart circumcision’ was given to the apostle Paul from Jesus in what he calls, ‘my gospel’.  This is a short study, we will look at the history of circumcision, its relationship to salvation, and the New Testament revelation of the ‘true Jew’. Click to access the PDF: The True Circumcision PDF  

Study Course: “The New Creation Woman”

Course description: Many teachings for women cover the roles or functions that they fulfill in this life. I want to focus on WHO YOU ARE. Fulfilling life successfully, begins, not with your roles or functions as a woman, but with who you are as a spirit who is “IN Christ”. Foundational Verses for Our Study: …

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