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“The Five Porches of Bethesda Sermon” by John Alexander Dowie

John Alexander Dowie, was a healing pioneer of the late 1800’s and mentor of John G. Lake.  Founder of Zion, Illinois who saw thousands healed under his ministry.  This document accompanies a Youtube video by the same title. Click to open a PDF doc of this entire sermon: The Five Porches of Bethseda Sermon by …

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Study Course #2: “Man, the Spirit”

This is the second in a three part study entitled: “God the Spirit”, “Man the Spirit”, “Satan the Spirit”. This course is intended to give the Scriptural model of man. A ‘model’ is a way of looking at yourself, the way you ‘view’ yourself, your ‘understanding’ about yourself. The Bible will give you a ‘pneumatological/spiritual …

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“God focuses on you when YOU focus on Him

“Is there an appointed time for my healing?”

This is a trap that the devil like’s to get you into.  He will do whatever he has to do to keep you from being in the NOW – WHERE GOD IS.  Acts 10:38 says that Jesus ‘went about’ doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil.  He is still ‘going about’. …

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Jesus heals leprosy – a devotion for those needing healing

Click to open this short document for help in receiving healing: The Healing of the Leper devotion

Why I love the Word of God…..because it reveals a Person to me

by Ann Windsor I spent 21 years of my life looking for Him. Raised Catholic, my first personal encounter with The Person, Jesus, was when I received first holy communion, as it is called in that tradition.  The expectation of ‘Jesus coming into my heart’ was built up through teaching and preparations for that event.  …

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