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The “Granddaddy of All Healing Truths: Romans 8:2”

“The new Law of your new being”…..Romans 8:2.  Today’s broadcast will be exciting to your new man…..he will hear how liberated he is! This verse in Romans I like to call the ‘granddaddy’ of the study on divine healing.  This is the culmination of Isaiah 53….the sufferings of the Servant!  I believe this broadcast will …

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Medicine for your healing….”Attend to My Words”

  Prov. 4:20-22 tells us if we will attend to the Word of God we will have life and health to all our flesh.  There are several ways of obtaining healing…this one, the Word, is available to everyone.  If you need healing in your body, or just wellness in general, tune in this week as …

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John G. Lake: Is It Scriptural to Pray ‘if it be Thy will’?

This is an excerpt from one of John Lake’s sermons.  You will find that he dispenses with this quite nicely.  

“The Science of Healing” by John G. Lake, Pt. 1

Recently, on the Zoe Radio Network, I did a reading of John G. Lake’s sermon by the above title.  This came out in several parts, each broadcast is approx. 30 min. Dr. Lake was a man who knew the ‘spiritual mechanics’ behind the operation of God’s healing power….each part gets better, so I would encourage …

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