Bio – Pat Buckley

4Born in Ireland and lived in northern England in the late 60’s whee I became involved with drugs and alcohol. Came to America in 1974 and worked in corporate America where drugs and alcohol abuse was partially accepted in the 80’s. Was born again in a Catholic church and delivered from drugs and alcohol in 1991 and received a dramatic miraculous healing of a cribbing knee problem. This inspired me to really read the Word.

With a team of experienced missionaries entered the missions fields in Africa and open air healing meetings (crowds of 120,000 in attendance) in Lahore and other cities in Pakistan for five years, where I seen the Lord do many miraculous healing and deliverance. I also have worked with and was on the board of Curry Blake’s John J. Lake Ministries for about five years.

Three years ago, I was asked to speak in Alaska relating to depression and suicide as there is a real oppression of suicide and depression (bipolar issues) and anxiety disorders on the native people in Alaska related to alcohol and drug abuse. In that week in Alaska there was real revelations from scripture in overcoming depression and suicide and the recognition of a worldwide attack particularly on the youth, and the part that psychoactive medicines play in this attack. Since that time I have ministered to depressed and suicidal folks with good results. I have put together a website with more information on how people can overcome, through the supernatural power of the Word (Rom 1:16)

Christian help for Depression

Veterans Free From PTSD: