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These are deeper studies from Greek & Hebrew into various words, doctrines, Scriptures.

“Why we can’t see God”, by Frank Lee

Did you ever think about the ‘why’ of why we can’t see God? A quick answer would be:  “Well, He is in the spiritual realm and we are in the natural realm.” What causes that ‘great gulf’ to be fixed between the two? Frank Lee shares on his blog post:  “Why we can’t see God!” …

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“The Tripartite Nature of Man” by Rev. John G. Heard

This looks like an interesting read, for any of you doing research on the subject of spirit, soul and body.  Rev. Heard published this book in 1868 and it is available through Google books.  I have not read it, only some paragraphs, but it would give some insight into how some people back at that …

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“The Science of Healing & Quantum Faith”

  Dr. John G. Lake said:  “Divine healing is scientific.” The first part of this article covers many of Dr. Lake’s comments on the science of healing, the science of spirit, the divine science of God.  The second half includes excerpts from Annette Capp’s book entitled, “Quantum Faith”. Dr. Lake proved through scientific experiments of …

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“Zoe – the Tangibility of the Holy Spirit & Divine Healing”

  Dr. Lake says that one of the most difficult things is to get Christians to understand that the Spirit of God is TANGIBLE. In other words, He is real substance. It is just that He is a SPIRITUAL substance and you don’t see him with your eyes or feel him with your feelings. You …

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“Delivered from the Power of Darkness” – A Redemptive FACT

Colossians 1:13 tells you that when you received Christ as YOUR Savior, God actually changed the location that you lived in: “Giving thanks unto the Father….Who hath delivered me from the power of darkness and translated me into the Kingdom of His dear Son.” No one wants to be a victim….abused, mistreated, controlled. For freedom …

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“Put on the New Man” – A deeper look at Ephesians 4:24

Here for your study pleasure is some manna for the spirit man. Your New Man wants to find out who he is! Click to open PDF file – 10 pages: THE NEW MAN STUDY Ephesians 4.24