Book: Eternal Life – What Is It?

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Eternal Life is more than enjoying Heaven for eternity. It is more than living forever. I discovered what it was by looking up the actual words in the Vine’s Expository Dictionary. Then I actually heard some teaching on the subject describing it as the Life that God has IN Himself that He gives to every true believer to have in themselves. I knew I had been born again and become a child of God but I didn’t know why. Finding the truth about Eternal Life explained that to me. I have learned that Eternal Life can extend its domain to the physical body this side of the grave. John G. Lake, during a great plague in South Africa, walked in the light of Romans 8:2: “For the Law of the Spirit of Life (zoe, eternal life) in Christ Jesus has set me free from the law of sin and death.” Plague germs died in his hands as verified under a microscope.

The first Bible seminar that I taught as a young Bible School student was on Eternal Life.

1 Joh 5:11 & 12: “He who has the Son has life (zoe), and he who has not the Son has not life (zoe) but the wrather of God abides on him.”

For 40 years I have walked in fellowship with this Life.

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