Book: “Spiritual Medicine for Physical Healing”


Is a life of wellness possible and how do you achieve it? Is there anything too hard for God? Take His medicine and see the results it will produce. A woman, Lillian B. Yoemans, was so ravaged by drugs…a friend described her as a skeleton with a demon inside. After trying many ‘cures’ available in her day, she said: “At last I drew my neglected Bible to me and plunged into it with full purpose of heart to get all there was for me, to do all that God told me to do, to believe all He said; and praise God, the unsolvable problem was solved, the impossible was achieved, the deliverance was wrought! There is no trouble about it when God can get us to meet His conditions of repentance and faith. When God says faith, He means faith. It is well to know that. I found a great number of healing passages in the Bible. And when God’s words were found, I ‘ate’ them; and they did their work. The drugs went — the specific, irresistible, indescribable craving produced by demon power was gone. I had no more use for morphine and chloral than for rat poison. My appetite became excellent so that I had to eat about seven meals a day. And the best of all is that this healing was no happy accident, no special miracle on my behalf but the working out in me of God’s will for all of us….perfect soundness by faith in the Name of Jesus.” As Dr. Yoeman’s continued in the Word, it continued its healing work in her. He sent His Word and healed them……My son, attend to my words, let them not depart from before your eyes, keep them in the midst of your heart, for they (MY WORDS), ARE LIFE to those who find them and health (medicine, well-being) to ALL your flesh. The Word will wash sickness, bondage, depression, etc. all…right out of you. This little book is like a little medicine bottle…it is full of “Scripture pills”. Just as you are diligent to take natural medicine and see results, being diligent in ‘taking’ these Scripture pills, will produce results.

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Spiritual Medicine for Physical Healing