Galatians 1:4: Delivered From This Present Evil World


God gave his son to ‘deliver us from this present evil world’, Galatians 1:4.

Is deliverance from the evil of this world possible for you IN THIS LIFE?

To what evil does this freedom apply?

This is Pt. 1 of a series on the Bible words DELIVER and DELIVERANCE.

Your first great deliverance is from Satan and his kingdom of darkness through the release provided by the Blood.  Forgiveness for sin equals release from bondage to Satan.  Release/deliverance from bondage to Satan equals release from all of his works.

It is my prayer that God would open your eyes to see the greatness of this passage and the depths of meaning in it; the horizons that it opens for your future,

Open their eyes, Father, that they might see the greatness of what You have accomplished and are now by Your Power out-flowing the results to them, in Jesus’ Name.

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