God’s standard for judging the world: “The New Man in Christ”, Pt. 2


man the spirit n.c.In our opening broadcast on this topic, we looked at foundational scriptures showing that the ‘gospel’ or message that the apostle Paul preached were not of human origin.

We seek to hear from Heaven.  We love to hear the voice of our Good Shepherd.  Hearing from Heaven is a revelation of knowledge which God has in Himself and that He gives to thoes who seek Him.

Meeting Jesus on the road to Damascus, Paul was told that he was a ‘chosen vessel’ , (Acts 26:16) to carry the message of the Mystery, which had been hidden in God from the foundation of the world:  the mystery of the ‘one new man’.

Paul told the Ephesians that he was a ‘steward’ of this mystery, dispensing it to the world of his day.

Jesus came into the world, suffered and died on the Cross, and rose from the grave as the 2nd Adam.

He produces a new race in His Own Image:  ‘it is no longer I that lives, but Christ that lives in me’, Galatians2:20.

Can you see the producing of the New Creation in Christ as the epitome of God’s desires in sending His Son into the world?  Something to think about.

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Paul’s Gospel God to judge the world by Rom 2.16

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God’s Standard, Pt. 2

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