Joel’s Place – a psalm by Peter Enns

This wonderful little psalm is taken from the book of Joel: “I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh…..”

You will smile and rejoice if you aren’t offended by the analagy of the Holy Spirit ‘as a bartender’.

Joel’s Place

By Peter Enns

Do cares and troubles get you down?

You’d like to smile but have to frown;

Then stop my friend and ask for grace,

Come for a drink to JOEL’S PLACE!

You can’t forgive when you’ve been hurt;

Your reputation’s in the dirt;

You’ve trials that you cannot face,

Come for a drink to JOEL’S PLACE!

At JOEL’S PLACE you’ll get NEW WINE,

On Heaven’s Manna you will dine,

You’ll be a victor in the race,

If you stop oft’ at JOEL’S PLACE!

The HOLY SPIRIT tends the bar,

The door is always left adjar.

He will not leave you, just in case,

You tarry long at JOEL’S PLACE!

So come my friend and have a drink,

The bar is closer than you think.

Your feet will walk a lighter pace,

When you return from JOEL’S PLACE!

Joel 2:28:  And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out my Spirit…..

Acts 2:13:  These are not drunk as ye suppose….they’ve been to JOEL’S PLACE

Eph. 5:18:  Be not drunk with wine…..but be filled with the Spirit.