Listen: “Grafted into the New Covenant in His Blood”


When you became a Christian, you didn’t know it at the time, but you were ‘grafted into a Covenant.  Jesus called this, ‘the New Testament in my Blood’.  There are many benefits for you in this Covenant.  This Covenant is held in heaven, where no thief can steal, no moth can eat and no rust can corrupt.  The Book of Hebrews gives an indepth look at the length to which God went to put this New Covenant into force:  He provided the body, which contained the blood that was to be used in ‘sealing’ this New Covenant.  It is a heart warming story.  It is a life-giving, hope restoring story.

When you know YOU have been GRAFTED IN, made a part of this New Covenant, and you learn the benefits it provides, your relationship with God will begin to swell to flood tide.

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“Grafted Into The New Covenant in His Blood”