“The New Creation Woman” – About This Course

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“If any woman be in Christ, she is a new creation,
the old moral and spiritual condition has passed away,
behold all things have become new in her
and all things in her new creation are of God,
Who has reconciled her unto Himself by Christ Jesus,”
(2 Cor. 5:17 & 18a)


Many teachings to women cover the roles or functions that you fulfill in this life.
I want to focus on WHO YOU ARE.
Fulfilling life successfully, begins, not with your roles or functions as a woman, but with who you are as a spirit who is “IN Christ”.

Eternity is in your new creation.

Mortality is in your womanhood.

Contents to Come

The Beginning: The First Creation, Gen. 1:26-28

“man” in this verse does not mean, “male”.
a. “their” name was, “Adam”, Gen. 5:2
b. THEY (male and female) were spirit beings.
c. How we know God made us a spirit
d. The body is for functioning on the physical level.
e. To be all I should be, I must live as a spirit.
f. God gave equality of dominion, but difference in function.
g. Supremacy of ourselves & our lives lost, Gen. 3, Rom. 5:12

The Choice: Life or Knowledge
Wisdom of God & of the Senses
The Dangers of Being Worldly Wise

Confession of Faith
“Establishing the Reality that “I” am a spirit

The Second Creation: 2 Cor. 5:17, Gal. 3:28 & 6:15

a. Establishing the fact: “you” ARE “in Christ”.
b. Who exactly IS the new you? Gal. 2:20
c. The life of the new you……ZOE!
d. Qualities inherent in Zoe.
e. The Authority inherent in Zoe.
f. Romans 8:1 &2: Master over ALL things
g. Prioritizing for Success…..not things, but YOU!

How To Crucify the Flesh

Putting on the New You…..as a woman!

a) you are complete in Him, (Col. 2:10), so
b) guard your soul and
c) keep your body.

Colossians: The Conclusion of the Whole Matter

As A Woman, You Can Say

“In Him” Verses