“The Science of Healing & Quantum Faith”


Dr. John G. Lake said:  “Divine healing is scientific.”

The first part of this article covers many of Dr. Lake’s comments on the science of healing, the science of spirit, the divine science of God.  The second half includes excerpts from Annette Capp’s book entitled, “Quantum Faith”.

Dr. Lake proved through scientific experiments of his day the action of the Spirit of God on the human body.  Today we have a field of science called, ‘quantum mechanics’, which is able to go further than Dr. Lake ever envisioned.

Charles Capps, known for his teaching on faith and confession gave a prophecy many years ago:

“Some things which have required faith to believe will no longer require faith, for it will be proven to be scientific fact.”  Quantum physics/mechanics takes us into the realm where ‘faith turns to sight’ and shows how that happens….scientifically!

PDF of “The Science of Healing & Quantum Faith”: The Science of Healing & Quantum Faith

Annette’s book, “Quantum Faith” is available in ebook format or softcover @ Amazon.com.

Search youtube for her programs by the same title.

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