Why I love the Word of God…..because it reveals a Person to me

by Ann Windsor


I spent 21 years of my life looking for Him.

Raised Catholic, my first personal encounter with The Person, Jesus, was when I received first holy communion, as it is called in that tradition.  The expectation of ‘Jesus coming into my heart’ was built up through teaching and preparations for that event.  I was so excited.  He was going to be mine, and I was going to be His.  I loved Jesus as much as a child of six could.  He died for my sins.  The story of His love was told to me many times.

After that event, I still had a problem:  sin.  And it came between me and my Savior and kept me from really knowing Him in any way but a formal religious experience.  So my heart still searched.

The Presence


“He who is WITH you shall be IN you”.

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Why I love the Word of God