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“God focuses on you when YOU focus on Him

“Is there an appointed time for my healing?”

This is a trap that the devil like’s to get you into.  He will do whatever he has to do to keep you from being in the NOW – WHERE GOD IS.  Acts 10:38 says that Jesus ‘went about’ doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil.  He is still ‘going about’. …

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Jesus heals leprosy – a devotion for those needing healing

Click to open this short document for help in receiving healing: The Healing of the Leper devotion

“Healing IS where God IS…..”

I want to make receiving physical healing as simple for you as possible, especially if you are frustrated or discouraged with your situations. “God IS” – two words that will take the labor out of receiving healing. I share my own testimony of healing from breast cancer. I have practiced what I am sharing with …

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“Sickness and disease has ears…..”

  Back in 2002 I heard the Holy Spirit speak these words to me when I woke up one morning.  I had been through many years of faith and confession teaching, but this changed my perspective somehow and made what I had been taught even more real. Click on the link below to open a …

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“His Name In Our Lips Brings Healing”…E.W. Kenyon

                You can search the internet for ‘E.W.Kenyon’ and come up with many critical articles.  I urge you not to consider them until YOU HAVE ACTUALLY READ SOME OF HIS TEACHINGS FOR YOURSELF.  If you have a ‘taste’ for pneumatology, you can’t help but get a lot from …

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