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Video: The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus…..

I like to call this verse, ‘The Granddaddy’ of all the healing verses. It is a simple contrast between the Law of Life and the law of sin and death. God enjoys keeping things simple for our understanding so He is always contrasting two things. Life/death; good/evil; heaven/hell; tribulation/peace, etc. This lesson covers both laws …

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“God focuses on you when YOU focus on Him

“Healing IS where God IS…..”

I want to make receiving physical healing as simple for you as possible, especially if you are frustrated or discouraged with your situations. “God IS” – two words that will take the labor out of receiving healing. I share my own testimony of healing from breast cancer. I have practiced what I am sharing with …

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“Why we can’t see God”, by Frank Lee

Did you ever think about the ‘why’ of why we can’t see God? A quick answer would be:  “Well, He is in the spiritual realm and we are in the natural realm.” What causes that ‘great gulf’ to be fixed between the two? Frank Lee shares on his blog post:  “Why we can’t see God!” …

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“Sickness and disease has ears…..”

  Back in 2002 I heard the Holy Spirit speak these words to me when I woke up one morning.  I had been through many years of faith and confession teaching, but this changed my perspective somehow and made what I had been taught even more real. Click on the link below to open a …

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“When Healing Doesn’t Come”, PDF

I have many people who ask me about receiving healing, and the difficulties they may have in receiving.  In response, I have written a short 5-point document dealing with some very basic keys that I personally had to attend to in order to receive MY healing from cancer, and other issues that I have had …

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