Video & Notes: Become a ‘spiritual mechanic’ Pt. 2

Become A ‘Spiritual Mechanic’ Pt. 2

by Ann Windsor

2 Timothy 2:15

Study to show yourself an approved spiritual mechanic

Psalm 103:7:  God made known His acts to the children of Israel, but he made his WAYS known to Moses.

A ‘spiritual mechanic’ has learned the WAYS that God does His Acts.

Becoming a Spiritual Mechanic Pt. 2:  Know Your Engine 

2 Corinthians 5:17:

 If any man be in Christ he is a new creation 

(has a ‘new engine’)

Note: The Holy Spirit points to the fact that being a ‘spiritual mechanic’ isn’t a gift or a talent.

In Scripture we see that ‘gifts’ are given:  ministry gifts (Eph. 4) and spiritual gifts (1 Cor. 12).

Also, when a person is born, God distributes to them a ‘talent’ which, if they recognize & develop, will contribute to their natural life, (Mt. 25:14-30).  Becoming a spiritual mechanic has to do with developing skills to be a ‘worker’ of God’s Ways:  with spiritual realities that you use on a day to day basis. 


Defining mechanic: a skilled tradesperson who diagnoses, repairs & maintains systems.  This can include vehicles, aircraft, industrial machinery & small engines.

Figurative: a ‘social mechanic’ good at fixing relationships; a ‘financial mechanic’ good at managing money.

Trouble shooter: A mechanic has technical training skills to troubleshoot problems, identify their cause and repair or replace faulty parts.  He uses a variety of tools & equipment. His specific responsibilities will vary depending on their workplace.

Let’s proceed with Part 2 of this topic:

What does an engine do for a car?

The engine is the beating heart of a car, responsible for converting fuel and air into the mechanical energy that propels it forward. Applied spiritually, your new creation is the ‘beating heart’ of your new life in Christ.  Your new creation is ‘propelled forward’ by the Spirit(air/wind) and Zoe/The God-kind of Life(fuel). These were imparted to you the spirit when you were born again, Jesus told the woman at the well He would put WITHIN her a well of water SPRINGING UP with everlasting life(Jn. 4:24). In John 7:37&38 he mentions that the Spirit becomes a river flowing out of you.  The New Creation – the ‘beating heart’ of your life in Christ.

Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

Basic Function:

  1. Intake: The engine starts by taking in a mixture of air(Spirit) and fuel(Zoe, the God-kind of Life). John 4:24 & 7:37-38.
  2. Compression: Compression squeezes the air and fuel molecules closer together, making them more reactive(Can’t you just see the Word & Spirit as ‘spiritual mechanics’ combining, compacting together for an explosion of power? 1 Cor. 14:4, Jude 1:20 When you pray in tongues you are ‘compressing the Word you know & the Spirit together ready for action!)
  3. Ignition: A spark plug creates a spark that ignites the compressed mixture. This combustion process releases heat and energy. (The Word mixed with faith creates the spark that ‘ignites’ the Life & Spirit of God in your ‘engine’, focusing it to bring to pass the Word you have spoken in faith, Mark 11:23.)
  4. Expansion: The burning fuel rapidly expands (God’s Power flows/expands to accomplish Redemption in your life. Rom. 8:11: The SAME Spirit that raised Christ from the dead quickens……)
  5. Motion: This force is converted into motion through a connecting rod ultimately turning the car’s wheels. (Your tongue is the connecting rod that connects the power of your ‘engine’ with the ‘vehicle’ that needs to move! James 3: the power of the tongue to get the ship safely to harbor or the horse moving in the right direction at the right speed.)
  6. Power: This force is converted into rotational motion through a connecting rod and crankshaft, ultimately turning the car’s wheels. (Here you begin to see the manifestation of your ‘engines’ work:  faith becomes sight, the ‘car’ begins to move, i.e. mountain, problem, sickness, need, etc.)
  7. Exhaust: Finally, the burnt gases (exhaust) are expelled through the exhaust system, making room for a new cycle to begin. (As your ‘engine’ has completed one task, it is ready to begin another, this can be summed up in the phrase:  power in/power out.)

Engine Efficiency: 

Your ‘engine’s’ efficiency & power output depend on factors like its design, fuel type and maintenance:

Design:  Made in the ‘image’ of God’s dear son, Roman 8:29 & Eph. 4:13-15

Fuel Type:  Zoe – the Life of God

Maintenance: overseen by the Holy Spirit(Comforter, Helper, Teacher, Guide):  John 14:15-17,26; John 16:13-15.


  • Image:Your new engine is made in the image of God’s Dear Son.
  • Fuel type: Your new engine has been given eternal fuel, that which God Himself ‘runs’ on:  Zoe – the God-Kind of Life.
  • Maintenance: The Holy Spirit will help you by continuing to ‘fuel’ the new you with the Life of God, he will ‘comfort’ you when your ‘car’ has a breakdown, he will show you how to deal with life in general through his guidance & instruction.  This is an ongoing relationship throughout your life.  Lean INTO him. 


God has shown you His ‘acts’ by making you a new creation.

Now He wants to show you His ways of life for the new creation.

You will enjoy going to “Holy Spirit Trade-School” and becoming a qualified spiritual mechanic.