“Christian Communion”, A Sermon by John G. Lake Pt. 1


Dr. Lake is sharing one general thought in this sermon: The presence of Christ.

“One of the things the Christian world does not get hold of with a STRONG GRIP is the fact of His Presence with us NOW. It would naturally seem as if a separation had occurred because of His Return to Glory, but NO SUCH SEPARATION is contemplated on the part of Christ. Christ promises His omnipotent presence with us always.

Jesus is just as close to the Christian soul as He was to Paul. There is a beautiful verse that expresses that so sweetly, ‘Closer is He than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet’.

Jesus is The Anointed One. His Presence is The Anointing with you. Because of life, you aren’t always aware of The Anointing. Church services and Gospel meetings help you to ‘tune in’ to what is there all the time.

Dr. Lake gives some good sound instruction in the ‘how to’s’ of cultivating your awareness of the Anointing even without being in a Gospel service.

Kenneth E Hagin said: “I am more aware of God’s Presence than I am of my own wife lying next to me in bed….”

Something there to think about!

PDF of this Sermon for your reading: Lake Sermon Christian Communion

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