“Delivered From The Power of Darkness” Pt. 3 – Exousia Vs Dunamis

Delivered 3 slide exousia dunamis def

Colossians 1:13: “Giving thanks to the Father Who has delivered us from the power (exousia) of darkness and translated us into the Kingdom of His dear Son.”

Statement of Fact: Satan’s rights to you were broken by the New Birth/Salvation/Receiving Jesus as your Savior.

The word, ‘power’ in this verse is ‘exousia’ in Greek and is in reality ‘authority’.

There is a difference between authority and actual power.

The word ‘power’ in the Greek is the word ‘dunamis’.

Power is greater than authority for it is the ‘power’ behind the authority that causes it to be effective.

When the ‘power of sin’ was removed in your life when you were born again, Satan’s authority to control you was also removed.

What really is your New Birth worth? Today we look into the answer further.

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