“Delivered from the Power of Darkness” – A Redemptive FACT

called out of the darknessColossians 1:13 tells you that when you received Christ as YOUR Savior, God actually changed the location that you lived in:

“Giving thanks unto the Father….Who hath delivered me from the power of darkness and translated me into the Kingdom of His dear Son.”

No one wants to be a victim….abused, mistreated, controlled.

For freedom did Christ come to set YOU free. And the freedom He brings is freedom IN TRUTH.

Freedom from the tyrant who is NOT of flesh and blood/of this physical realm…..Satan.

Jesus revealed to Paul what He had accomplished for His Church, the spiritual Body of Christ. Deliverance from this spiritual tyrant is one of the greatest realities that takes possession of YOU THE SPIRIT when you become a Christian.

When the Reality of YOUR deliverance from this tyrant of darkness and his powers really grips you, you will take a stand against him and his works that he will not be able to move you away from.

“Out of the hold and dominion of darkness, the Lord of Life has caused me to go…..”

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