“Consecration, Testing, Power, Victory – A Sermon by John G Lake Pt 2

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Jesus functioned as a Man among men….with the same temptations, tests and trials. He met every challenge of the soul that you have to met.  But Jesus willed, in those challenges to do the will of God and to know the will of God in His every response.

Two phases to entering the will of God:  the surrender of your will to do the Will of God; recognize yourself as God’s son and man’s servant.

He provided salvation for the spirit/soul/body.  If you are fascinated by the life of John G. Lake and/or want to live the kind of supernatural life that he lived, you must take yourself out of the hands of the world, and put yourself totally over into the Hands of God for YOUR spirit/soul/body.

Dr. Lake has observed many Christians who trust God for spiritual salvation, but then they turn to the world for their soul and body.  He is very directly challenging us to come up higher.


“The Extent of Jesus’ Dedication”

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Lake Consecration sermon Pt 2

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John G Lake Consecration, Testing, Power, Victory Pt. 2