“Consecration, Testing, Power, Victory – A Sermon by John G. Lake Pt 1



In this sermon, Dr. Lake looks at the life of Jesus from the standpoint that “He was a man just like other men.  He met every challenge of the soul, just as you and I have to meet it.  But Jesus willed to do God’s Will and to know God’s Will.”


How to enter the will of God – two phases.

Jesus first dedicates Himself.

The extent of Jesus’ dedication.

The result of His Dedication.

“Most folks mean their consecration on the day they are baptized, and then forget it the first time that the devil appears, or they get a pain in the stomach.  It was a forever business with the Lord Jesus.  Get that forever thing into YOUR soul and spirit.  There never was a time in history when the world needed a demonstration that the Lord could keep people forever, under every condition, as much as it does today.”

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